Graduate Education Degree Concentrations

As educational acim careers and instructional certifications become more specialized, education graduate programs are reflecting this by encouraging students to declare a concentration within their education degree program. A concentration makes educators more attractive, often broadening their career prospects and better preparing them to meet the challenges of being an education professional. While it’s typical … Read more

Study In India: The Advantages of Indian Systems of Global Education

India is well known for its diversity in languages, cultures, traditions, flora fauna, and geographical disparities. Being one of the oldest civilizations, India is acknowledged for its significant contributions to the knowledge world. Since ancient times it has proved its excellence in the field of academics. India has nourished many talents in fields like Mathematics, … Read more

Social Work Continuing Education: Understanding Requirements

Keeping current for your social worker’s license takes more than simply filing the necessary paperwork every two years. Social work continuing a course in miracles is a serious requirement in most states. Nearly every licensing body requires continuing education credits as a requirement for licenses. Continuing to learn about different techniques and advances in the … Read more

10 Best Investment Books For 2012 – And Beyond

The Stock Trader’s Almanac 2012 is a general reference book that is widely used by serious traders and considered a must have by many. This is a great investment acim for both experienced traders and those just getting started. Like all the best Almanacs it is crammed with useful, currently relevant information. Much of which can … Read more

The Journey of Writing My First Book – The Optimized Leader

Writing a a course in miracles is an experience unlike anything else. It’s a challenging experience, but something that sort of ‘grows on you’. The recent completion of the writing of my book, The Optimized Leader, was filled with many phases. And, I’ve created this story in response to questions I have received about the process, … Read more

Five Book Marketing Ideas That Will Sell Your Book

No best-selling un cours en miracles has ever achieved success without some sort of hard work. Even renowned authors were put through the wringer before finally getting published and being widely read. It takes efforts, patience, and book marketing ideas that will take you from unidentified writer to best-selling author. Listed here are five of … Read more

Choosing a Christian Dating Site

Are you looking for a high quality the christ site? If the answer is yes, I can tell you that you are not alone. Choosing a great dating site to meet Christian singles is not an easy task. There are many Christian matchmaking sites to choose from, but with time and patience you will be … Read more

Used Books Save You Money

The increased cost of printing and publishing, buying new books is becoming a very costly affair. However, acim need not worry as they can always buy used books from any local bookstore. Books used by students, scholars or professors do not always end up at the state library and instead end up at the local … Read more