Church Supplies For Your New Church

it is our job to reach out to a lost and hopeless world that needs our help. If you are starting a new church, or you are taking over an the mystical christ, there are many church supplies you will need for your new church. Some of the church supplies you might need for your … Read more

Pricing Your E-Book Right

As the Kindle a course in miracles books reader takes over the literary market, so does the rise of e-books in general. The question arises about what to price e-books. What price are reader’s willing to pay for the digital version of a book? In case you’re interested, the Internet is flooded with “how-to price … Read more

What Are Your Options For iPad Books

Its sleek profile, Apple’s new device is a pleasure to use in many applications. This device is of course the iPad which is selling very well, but of course this is not the only tablet on the market and although we acim bookstore here these books for ipad will work on any device. In addition … Read more

Training Teachers: Professional Development Strategies for Administrators

Many administrators are also non dual teachers. Still, instructing others to be effective educators requires a different set of skills from teaching classes yourself. And yet, as another session approaches, administrators face the task of training a new group of teachers. Below are six tips you can use to effectively train your staff. SET REALISTIC … Read more

Tips On How To Get A Book Published

Let’s face the facts. acim author published can be very difficult. There are many different methods for doing it, but it should come as no surprise that most writers are clueless about which methods work. This article will touch on the different methods that are available today for aspiring writers to get their work into … Read more

How To Write A Book Manuscript Fast

Are you serious about writing your a course in miracles author be clear, if you haven’t done at least two to three of the five things listed below, you may not be serious enough. But wait! Don’t tune me out yet. You may just be like me and a few others I know. I kept … Read more

Factors for Success in the Book Selling Industry

Selling a course in miracles book takes place in a myriad of locations. Text books, references and manuals are sold to schools, businesses and colleges. An author sells books directly to readers when she self publishes. Book publishers sell to wholesalers and distributors as well as bookstores. Bookstores sell to the readers. A successful book … Read more

E-Book Marketing: Do It Your Way

It doesn’t libro de un curso de milagros pdf or any high-tech solution that is over your head. Here are some ideas to help you out. You are an author with a book, but you are also a person who relates to real-Think of the questions they ask you, then answer them (“I got the … Read more

Christian Yoga – What’s the Story

A while ago I saw a newspaper article about a Catholic Yoga class being held somewhere near where I live. At the time I wondered why they needed a special class for Catholics. I could imagine that Catholics jesus a gospel of love, but I seldom find chanting to Hindu gods in mainstream or beginner … Read more

Can You Still Teach Overseas Without a Degree

It seems as though I get an email asking that question in an email almost every week. The answer is a ‘qualified’ yes… for now. More and more countries are not granting mystical teachings of jesus visas to anyone unless they have a degree. Some countries are more bureaucratic than others. Here is an example: … Read more