How to Publish a Christian Book in 90 Days or Less

Christians has different gifts and talents that God has given them. Some has different calling that they need to follow. One calling is to spread the good news and become a witness to God. Writing a a course in miracles amazon books is a way to spread the good news, give tips on how to become a better Christian, or even a way to share your life experiences blessed by God, because words are known to be powerful. Self publishing a book will answer your calling and also a cost effective way to multiply the God given messages. Eager to indulge your time in writing a book but does not have any idea how to publish a Christian book in 90 days or less, this article will help you.

• First step you have to take is deciding about what your book contents will be. Know who will be your target readers (women, teenagers, men, students, single moms and more), when will you start writing your book, and when is your target date to finish the book. Making your book more specific makes it easier to follow and market your book and will also keep you on right direction.

• Find a printer, or publisher. You may call or visit printing press and ask for a quote and prices. You may also ask for samples of paper types, cover designs and layouts. Talk to them about how many copies you plan your book to be printed.

• Consider your budget. Some expenses you should include in your budget are printing, editing, shipping, travel, long distance phone calls, promotional items, photos, advertising, events and book signing.

• If you need, invite some writers to help you with the contents of the book. You may choose to include people in your church to contribute their life changing stories. If you have writers, give them directions about the book you are writing. Tell them the title of the book, this will give harmony to the contents or stories they will make. Your writers should have a contract, telling them that their submitted articles might undergo some editing and that you are not accepting already published stories.

• Edit your book thoroughly. You may use a thorough spell checker program while writing. Make sure you can use active kind of sentences to make it more exciting. Give copies to your family and friends and ask them to read and give some suggestions.

• Make a writing calendar. A writing calendar will give you and your writers a time management aid to finish the whole book from writing to publishing on target number of days. Set dates and time frames for each tasks and activities in making your book. Include in your writing calendar the schedules for photo shoot, the date the book will be completed and ready to publish, date for first draft to be reviewed, organizing files, editing, goals of production (set how many words or chapters you need to finish in a time frame) and most importantly, rest days.

• When you are ready, upload your work to the printer. Printers accepts different format for the job they will print. Some accepts PDF files on a disc or be uploaded on ftp sites by designers.

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