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A sacred holy city which is among the seven divine how to get gold in Mafia City known as the Sapta Puri, in India and the ultimate place to get close to the God and attain emancipation is the definition of Varanasi. Formerly known as Kashi or Banaras, the city is located on the banks of River Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is not just significant to the Hindus, but also for people who follow Jainism and Buddhism. It is a popular belief that a death in the city of Banaras means the ultimate salvation. And, it is because of this very belief that many Hindus visit the city to cast-away the remains of their close ones who passed away. The oldest reference to the city dates back to the 11th and 12 centuries. It is among the handful of the oldest cities of world that have been continuously inhabited. Among the Hindus the city enjoys a much celebrated importance. It is believed that city was built by lord Shiva himself and is his favourite city. The old name of the city Kashi literally translates to Shiv ki Nagri meaning the city of Shiva.

Worshipping lord Shiva and taking bath in the river Ganges is the prime reason that attracts the visitors (especially devotees and pilgrims) to the city. A sight of the devotees worshipping the God at the sunrise and sunset with the incredible ancient temples at the background is thing that any visitor simply can’t resist. It can be rightly said that the city is the religious capital of the nation. It is for this very reason the city has been given the titles like ‘the city of learning’ and ‘the holy city of India’.

Commerce and trade are another popular reason for people heading to the city. Spinning and weaving are the chief businesses in the region. Besides that metal, printing, and publishing are the other important industry domains. The city is best known for the Banarasi saris and very fine silks. Finally, agriculture and tourism are the other important sources of revenue to city.

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Trains are perhaps the most easiest way to reach the city. There are multiple trains that runs frequently to the city from all major cities in the nation and vice verse. The Varanasi Junction is a major railway station and is located at the heart of the city. Besides, Mughal Sarai Junction is the other major railway station to reach the city.

If you are flying to the city, then the Varanasi Airport is your destination. This airport is served by several flights of all popular air carriers namely, Air India, Jet Konnect, KLM Airlines and SpiceJet etc.


Over the past few decades the state government along with private houses have built several excellent places for accommodation. The most popular areas to stay is places around the ghats and rivers. Following is a list of three best 3 star hotels in Varanasi that you may choose for accommodation.

  • Hotel OK International – calculatedly located on the Ramapura area, is the Hotel OK International, offering the finest and uber-modern facilities and services. It is the ideal place of accommodation for the budget travellers. There are 121 spacious room with contemporary decor and aided with all in-room facilities. The hotel is one of the most sought-after hotels in the region because of its favourable location. It is just 30 minutes drive from the nearest airport, and in few minutes driving distance from major attractions of the region.
  • Hotel Varuna- it is a plush property that offers standard facilities and amenities. Featuring a modern architecture the hotel is beautiful inside-out. The guests can choose from spacious well-kept centrally air-conditioned rooms that are replete with all modern in-room amenities. Here one can find everything that he needs. The hotel caters to both leisure as well as business traveller with its good range of amenities and personalized services. Some major offered amenities include – 24 hr reception, doctor on call, restaurant, banquet etc.
  • Hotel Sarin Inn – located at the Shigra Mehmurgunj Road area, the hotel is 2.61km from the vishwanath temple, 1.55 km from railway station, and 20.17 km from the airport. It is the perfect peaceful ambiance, world-class services, polite staff, and state-of-art amenities that makes the hotel the first-favourite of many travellers. It features thoughtfully designed centrally air-conditioned rooms, replete with all modern in-room amenities. It is ideal for both commerce and leisure travellers.

These were the three good hotels in Varanasi that you can choose from. Besides the city also houses several good budget hotels if in case you are a budget option.

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