Features of Business Security Systems

The features you need in a business home security system quotes depend on your company, budget and the typical security risks you face. If you manage a warehouse that is full of merchandise, you need a vastly different security system than what a small brick-and-mortar store needs.

If you are considering installing a security system for your business, by understanding the different types of alarm systems, the available features and the benefits they provide, you can install an affordable, useful system that will benefit your business for years to come.

Top features of business security systems

Business security systems protect your company’s property, your employees, and inventory, and they can lower the cost of utilities. The exact features you should look for in a security system depend on your building’s setup and your business’s needs. However, many businesses look for these top features when shopping for a security system.

Sensors can detect the presence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and/or heightened temperature to trigger alarms. Similarly, low-temperature sensors can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms and other areas where water pipes are present. Sensors can also be placed in flood-prone areas to detect water.

When these sensors detect any unusual readings, an alarm is sent to the security system monitoring service, police and/or fire departments, and company designated personnel, so these responders can act quickly and minimize (or even eliminate) potential damages.

If your commercial security system is connected with local law enforcement, one thing to be aware of is that you may have to register with your local police department. Usually, there is a small annual fee, along with a requirement to keep emergency contact information up to date. Many jurisdictions charge for false alarms – anywhere from $50 to $500 per incident.

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