Keeping Your Feline Friend Fresh with Pine Cat Litter

calico cats for sale litter has definitely provided a lot of pet and homeowners with so much convenience. Before cat lovers had to put up with the unbearable stench of cat urine and feces but thanks to cat litter, Pussy’s excrements are easy to eliminate and no longer as bad smelling. There are many different kinds and brands of cat litter in the market and one of the best of them all is pine cat litter.

Cat litter is used as a filling material for cat litter boxes where house cats defecate or urinate. The cat litter is supposed to absorb the moisture and reduce the bad smell coming from urine and feces, making the litter box more bearable at home. Pine cat litter fulfills these roles remarkably well, making it one of the best choices as a litter box filler.

There are different kinds of cat litter available in the market, allowing cat owners to choose from the wide variety according to their tastes and purposes. Some cat lovers choose cat litter for their odor control and absorbing power. Others choose cat litter that cannot easily be scattered all over the house. Some buy cat litter because they are biodegradable and environment friendly. Pine cat litter apparently can fulfill these considerations as it quite absorbent, track-resistant, and easy to dispose of.

Pine cat litter is a very much recommended type of cat litter for all cat lovers everywhere. A lot of people who have tried other kinds of cat litter such as clay, silica, sand, have ended up using pine cat litter because of its many advantages. There were people who first doubted using pine cat litter, but eventually they realized that it probably is the best kind of cat litter available commercially.

What Makes Pine Cat Litter So Good

Pine cat litter is a very good choice among other kinds of cat litter. First of all, it is organic – a gift of Mother Nature. It comes from recycled materials and it is in itself recyclable. Pine cat litter comes from biodegradable pine sawdust, it can easily be flushed down your toilet in small amounts. It can also be mixed into your garden soil to be used as compost fertilizer, saving you the need to buy synthetic or commercial plant food.

Pine cat litter also does not contain silica dust, unlike other types of cat litter like clay. Silica dust can be hazardous to health, and it would not be advisable to have them in products like cat litter. The dust particles can go airborne and be inhaled not only by your cat but other members of the family as well and this can cause a lot of problems in the lungs. When inhaled, silica dust can induce bronchitis or even lung cancer. It is not worth the risk to get these diseases just for a cheaper brand of cat litter. Pine cat litter would probably be a better choice for you and your cat in terms of health concerns.

Some cat owners get worried that their cats would not welcome the switch from their old cat litter to pine cat litter. Pine cat litter may have a very different texture from other kinds of cat litter. It usually comes in pellet form unlike the softer texture of other types, which seems to be more comfortable for cats. However, cats are actually tougher than most people think and they can definitely withstand the rougher texture of pine cat litter. Some cats may even like the tough consistency better than the sandy and smooth grain of other cat litter types.

Pine cat litter can be the best choice for you and your cat. It does most, if not everything that you would expect from an excellent cat litter. It is a good absorbent and deodorizer. It is easy to clean up and can even have other uses after consumption. It is safe for your health and that of your cat’s. Most of all, it is environment friendly, so you do not have to worry about contributing to the deterioration of the planet.

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