Landscape Architect Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career in Landscape Architecture?

We all enjoy beautiful parks, playgrounds, and golf courses, and a landscape architect is responsible for making sure that areas are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They will also plan buildings and walkways, in order so that they coordinate with flowers, trees, and other greenery. A growing area of work for landscape residential architects in Fort Lauderdale is to plan the restoration of natural habitats such as wetlands which have been damaged by human activity over the past hundred years.

Landscape architects will work for a number of organizations which can range from real estate developers to airports or government parks. These professionals will usually liaison with other architects and surveyors in order to design the best landscape for roads and buildings, and they will collaborate with foresters and environmental scientists in order to conserve natural resources.

When first using a site, they will analyze the natural properties of the landscape such as the climate and soil, and they will look at where sunlight falls in order to create a poll in an airy design. Landscape architects will often use computer aided design in order to create a plan, and they will then present this project to their clients in order to have it approved.

After approval of the project, a they will begin hiring contractors to implement the landscaping design, who will then begin the installation and the planting for the design implementation. Landscape architects may specialize in a particular area of work, which can include reclaiming mines or governments superfund sites.

Most of these individuals will spend about 40 hours a week working, with most of their job spent conducting on site research and doing cost estimation for their projects. Landscape architects must be licensed in the state in which they are practicing and job requirements will vary depending on their location. It is common for these professionals to need to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Exam, in addition to having a bachelors degree and necessary work experience.

In 2006, landscape architects had about 28,000 jobs in America, with most employed by private corporations. These jobs are expected to grow much faster than population growth over the next 10 years, as individuals and real estate developers decide to beautify their properties with natural greenery. In 2006, the middle 50th percentile of these individuals made between $42,700 and $73,240, with the field of architectural services being the most common employer of landscape architects at $56,060 a year.

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