“Passport To Wealth” Scam or Is It All About The Mentoring?

Passport To Wealth is a Direct Sales business model. File a scam complaint According To Passport To Wealth back office they have over 75,000.00 worth of software. It is suggested that the software assist in a wide variety of computer task.. The compensation plan has been used for years by security industries and direct sales industry for years.

Business Owners can resell the entire software package and receive $997.00 for each sale. I have seen the allegations on Scams on Passport To Wealth and other business’s on the Internet. Lets take a deeper look into scams, and their allegations. What do they really mean?

I am using Passport To Wealth as an example, but the unfortunate truth is a lot of business’s with a solid structure is being put through the Scam Test. You see all over the Internet Scam, Beware Scam Alert, Scammed by Passport to Wealth Join my business. If entrepreneurs look deeper into these searches they will find 1 – 2 things are really happening Here.

1.) Another business is Bashing another to receive Sales – This has been an old trick in marketing for many years. Why Should I go to Mcdonald’s with Burger King across the road. McDonald’s is using a less direct strategies then many of the home business agents. But in essence in marketing strategies they are doing the same thing. Most times when you look into these scam reports they are intriguing a business owner to join with them.

There is no proof of scam, and there is no factual information to back up their claim. People searching are just redirected to the other business’s website. Tricky marketing and inventive maybe, ethical I don’t think so. Putting a negative spin on one company to get exposre to another is not a positive practice. Its the way of the Internet and won’t change but for others to understand these practices will assist them in making a decision.

I do not believe this is the proper way to market a home business. I believe entrepreneurs should be able to market solely on the credibility of their business. Let the strengths of your business bring quality prospects to your site.

2.)An Independent Distributor did not receive good mentoring – As good as online business is there has to be good mentors in place for you to utilize. If an entrepreneur did not receive good training and mentoring they will not fill good about the business model. But does that really make the business a scam? In my strong opinion no, business’s are not a scam because someone did not receive the proper training.

The unfortunate truth is whether it is Passport To Wealth or any other business’s out there, if you don’t connect with the right mentoring team it can be difficult to build any business’s. If you started a new Job you would need to be trained. Why should any business be different. I encourage the business owners who are yelling scam to look at the background of their mentoring was it positive or negative.

Do I think their is scams out there? Yes I do but I don’t’ think it is the home based business Industry? I think its the mentors that scam business builders the most. I hear often how people just didn’t receive the right training, or I joined with my mentor who never called me back after to help me. To me the scam is on the mentor who misrepresents his company.

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