May 31, 2023

Ever wonder where good physical health and emotional well-being come from? Especially when we don’t have them, we long to know how to get them back. Although scientific research can provide many answers, it can’t reach into the subtle realms of the worship session with rise and mystical.

But during much of the 20th century, a renowned Greek Cypriot did just that. To some he was known as the “Magus of Strovolos.” To others, he was just a humble civil servant with an amazing grasp of languages, religions, human nature and the ability to heal serious illness.

He was called “Daskalos” (“teacher” in Greek) because he offered regular, daily lectures in a shed-like building behind his home for many years. He would speak of many truths to help people understand how they need to live their lives, and offer healing as well. This was his calling as a modern day Christian mystic.

As his reputation spread, more and more people came to him to get relief from physical and emotional ailments. He tirelessly helped them all.

At the end of the 1980’s, a young American university student of Sociology travelled to Cyprus to attend a few of Daskalos’ lectures. He soon realized the greatness of these teachings and became an assistant to the master.

During the next five years, Paul Skorpen dedicated his life to learning all he could from Daskalos. They became close companions as Paul helped him travel to wherever his teaching commitments would take him; countries in Europe, North and South America.

When Daskalos died in August, 1995 it was a crushing blow to many – especially his most dedicated student and dear friend Paul. After a period of mourning and finalizing projects, Paul and his wife-to-be Birgit left Cyprus and settled in southern Germany.

To spread and further develop the teachings of Daskalos, they founded the Theosis Institute of Mysticism and Healing in 1996.

As time went by, people would ask Paul if he could heal as Daskalos healed. Actually, he was unsure, but had been so closely involved in Daskalos’ work for so long, that he knew he had to try.

People did become well as Paul applied what he had learned from the master. But Paul understood also that there was even more to learn. He sought out further inspiration from the Holy Scriptures as well as Eastern medicine.

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