Steroids-Are They Being Prescribed Too Often?

It seems like for the longest time a trip to the doctor tren steroid always seems to include a prescription for antibiotics. Of recent years, however it seems that the drug of choice is no longer antibiotics but steroids and these pills seem to be prescribed by physicians for a variety of different problems and most of them are inflammatory in nature.

This is causing concerns in the medical community, especially using cortico-steroids for extended periods of time because they are believed to be closely associated with paranoia and mood swings and caution is needed if you have been prescribed such medications. Many people while on these medications have reported a variety of symptoms, such as thinking they are going crazy and many similar symptoms continued after they stopped taking the medications.

Steroids are usually at the core of the latest “use and abuse” breaking news report about some athlete who got caught taking these illegal enhancing drugs to help make them more competitive. “Roids” as they are often called are being used by many average non assuming lay people and have been known to cause harmful personality effects, due to being over prescribed. It is also a commonly held belief that many doctors are only appeasing their patients who are searching for a cure all pill and with the antibiotics being prescribe on the decline, this is the new prescribed boom in the industry.

Steroids for the most part are being prescribed for the wrong reasons. It is believed that only about 10% of the cases involved where steroids are prescribed would be considered the right medication, considering the intense nature of this form of medication. New guide lines being considered suggests that steroids should only be used as a last resort, given the seriousness of steroid use and its abusive side effects.

Prescription medications are widely over used and abused by the American public and more people really need to turn to more natural and preventative means of taking care of themselves and their families. While there will always be a need for lifesaving medical professionals in our society individuals must also learn to take responsibility for their overall health.

Doctors are very aware that they are not on the winning side of patients who have abused their own body and now want a health miracle from a 15 minute doctor visit that will supply a 10 day prescription bag of health magic. You must understand how insane these demands on your doctor sound to someone that is sane. Take a little, or actually a lot of care for yourself long before you ever visit your doctor. At least they will have a fighting chance at helping you maintain your health for years to come well into a bright future.

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