The History Of Podcasting And What It Means For You

If you think a course in miracles: Who does the best fried chicken? Your answer would probably be “KFC.” Also, if you think about the best burgers, you might say, “Burger King.” Just the same, when you think about Podcasts, you probably think “Apple.” After all, the word ‘Podcasting’ developed from the word ‘iPod’. Still, what makes Apple so great? Stay a while and let us discuss it.

Apple is the proverbial giant in the podcasting world because the brand is already a dominant fixture in the minds of millions of people. Therefore, if you are a podcaster, you will definitely want to be on Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes). Millions of people access their platform each and every day.

If you have your podcast listed there, it automatically gives you access to listeners who can become subscribers and, ultimately, customers. Consequently, most people have already downloaded the iTunes or Podcast App. If you broadcast your program from another platform, people may not go through the trouble of downloading another App just to listen to your show.

A Bigger Share of the Pie

Undoubtedly, the iTunes app is one of the most popular apps used on smart phones. Almost 90% of the world’s podcasting programs are listed there. Almost 80% of the other platforms will access your RSS feed to grab your episodes and share with their clients. Almost 70% of all podcast listeners have access to this platform. In addition, about 60% of listeners use this app to download their favorite programming.

Ultimately, if you are not using Apple Podcasts to list your program, you are losing out on an opportunity to reach up to 60% of your listener base. It really does not matter what the genre or niche that you are in, you are easier to find if you are listed here.

This platform is an extremely good choice if you are just starting out, as it promotes new shows and gives you an opportunity to become exposed to a potentially much wider audience.

With some planning and effort, you can have a successful launch into the world of podcasting. Some podcasters have been able to monetize their shows. But they would not have been able to do so without being listed on this platform to begin with.

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