Using Podcasts to Promote your Real Estate Website

Over the past decade we have seen the Internet grow by leaps and bounds. In the first-generation of Internet a course in miracles, techniques were very limited and it was thought that banner advertising was the only way to go and search engine ranking and search engine criteria were virtually non-existent!

With the second-generation of Internet marketing, businesses realized that the Internet wasn’t a technology but a marketing tool. We began to see more focused and varied techniques which are still very much used today. Things like generating repeat traffic, search engine optimization, permission marketing and viral marketing became important Internet marketing elements.

Third-generation Internet marketing encompasses many or all parts of the second generations plus a whole lot more. With the third-generation came the search explosion where we can now search for videos, images and maps, we can now search locally as well as on a global scale. Search engine optimization for each of these new searches require their own strategy. Third generation Internet marketing includes all the latest techniques – podcasting, videocasting, blogs, mblogs, flogs, wikis, mobile marketing, interactive maps, social marketing, RSS and a whole lot more!

It is distributed for listening on personal computers, MP3 players, iPods or other mobile devices. The term podcasting originally came from the two terms “broadcasting” and “iPod” but as I stated above, they can be listened to on just about any mobile device as well as your PC. Podcasting is a relatively easy process. You need your content and a few pieces of equipment, including your computer, a microphone, audio recording software and an MP3 encoder. You also need a Web site or host for distribution. Once you have those, you’re in business!

Once you have finished recording your podcast you can put it on your Web site and make it available as an individual podcast or as a series of podcasts available for download on a subscription basis through RSS feed. Once searchers download your podcast from your site, or host, they can listen to your content where ever they want, whenever they want! There are so many topics that are suitable for podcasts. There are podcasts on everything from Internet Marketing to Thai cooking. I have listed a few ideas below, but as I said above, there are podcasts on every topic imaginable!

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