What They’re Not Telling You About the Law of Attraction

The 法律论文代写 of Attraction is hugely popular. It has been written about in hundreds of books, taught by numerous gurus who claim to be experts on the subject and it is talked about in almost every social circle in Western cultures. So, what is it that we are not being told? Is our reality really in our own hands? Can we control our world simply by controlling our thoughts?

Well, there are no simple answers to these questions. Yes, our reality is largely within our control and yes, we can control most aspects of our lives with our thoughts. The reason I know this and how you will come to know this is because the history of man provides the proof of these very facts.

As Man’s mind grows, so grows his world. Just ask your mom what kind of video games she played as a child or what her version of Facebook was. Ask your great grandfather what type of car his father drove or if he ever flew in a plane. The fact that you are reading this on your computer is a feat that can only be described as one that is in line with the law of attraction.

Every one of the things mentioned above as created because someone believed that they could be. This is the law of attraction at work. While others said it couldn’t be done, there were men and women saying it could be done and more than that, their belief that it could be done is what has created the world we live in today.

So, what is it that these books on the law of attraction and these teachers are not telling us? They don’t tell us that there is more than just one law in action at any given time. There are actually twelve laws of attraction, not to mention the many other laws of nature all working together at the same time.

Think of it this way. We all know that the Law of Gravity is working at all times. What many of us don’t realize, or give much thought to, is that there are other laws that are effecting the way gravity works. Take Inertia for instance. Inertia, like gravity, is at work at all times. When the two combine they may cause very different results. For example, the farther an object has to fall, the faster it will travel. The lighter and object is, the slower it will fall.

You see, gravity works and it is constant. It will never stop being. How it works, however, is in direct proportion to the laws it must work along side. The Law of Attraction works in much the same way. It is always at work. It will never stop being. How it works however is in direct proportion to the other laws it must work along side.

Let’s take just one of the other 11 universal laws and mix it with the law of attraction and see what happens. The Law of Gender states that all things in nature have a gestational period. All living things and all thought must first gestate and grow. What does this mean? Well, it means just because you think of a thing doesn’t mean it will appear right away. This is good news. Why, you ask? Because if the Law of Gender did not exist, we would picture a pink elephant in our minds and poof! It would be standing in our living room.

Let’s think of our thoughts for a minute in the same way we think of the tulips we planted for the coming spring. We plant the bulb or seed, we water, fertilize and feed it. We know if we do this that come spring a beautiful flower will bloom. If, however, we become inpatient and dig the bulb up to see why it has not grown to be, we will find that it had in fact started to sprout and set down roots. Because we have dug it up and disturbed it, it is very likely it will die and we must plant a new seed.

Our thoughts work the same way. If we plant them, tend to them and feed them they will grow. If we dig them up and toss them aside, they will die. So if we mix the Law of Attraction with the Law of Gender we now know that our thoughts will blossom and grow if we allow them to. The Law of Attraction is the seed and the Law of Gender is the gestational period all thought needs to grow and come to pass.

So many people read these books and listen to these teachers only to be disappointed because things are not working out as they promised. This does not have to be the case. If you study all 12 of the Universal Laws and understand how they all work together you will be better equipped and better educated to make the decisions that need to be made in order for you to reach your goals and live your dreams.

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