When Should You Hire Property and Real Estate Lawyers in UAE?

Property disputes are cases where landlords need to hire a lawyer to manage the issues. If you are a Palm Beach architects,When Should You Hire Property and Real Estate Lawyers in UAE? Articles you must be having a lawyer as a backup to handle routine questions and problems in advance. However, you shouldn’t feel the need to consult a lawyer regularly or keep one under the wing. Though, you should be able to understand the situations where you will need assistance from a property lawyer in Dubai. Here are some scenarios where you might require professional expertise:

Eviction of tenant:
In UAE, eviction lawsuits take less time compared to regular civil cases. But in exchange for expedited treatment, landlords must follow a highly detailed set of rules, from notifying the tenant to filing the right documents of eviction in the court. Bearing in mind gthe technicalities of the law and the circumstances of each case, it can be tricky for the claimaint to seek a favorable order in eviction suit without the help of the lawyers.

Failure to pay rent:
A tenant’s legal obligation is to pay the rent, although there might be some cases where the tenant fails to pay the rent for months, and the accumulated amount becomes difficult to recover. Here, consulting with a lawyer will give you a better perspective on dealing with such cases. If required, the landlord can file a case against the tenant with assistance from a property and real estate lawyer in Dubai.

Sued for injury:
You might need assistance from a lawyer when the tenant sues you for allegedly causing an injury or illness, due to unhealthy conditions in the residential or commercial unit so leased. These cases are of high stakes, and personal injury lawyers know better to handle such cases. You may find it difficult to comfort a tenant who has suffered a serious loss, even though you believe you should not be held responsible.

Tenant damages your property:
Most agreements that tenants sign have a clause on maintaining the premises of the property. If the tenant breaches this clause and causes damage to the property, the landlord has all the right to ask for compensation. Here, the landlord can do this by himself or take assistance from a lawyer to speed up the process.

Property lawyers in UAE:

Landlord and tenant alike experience some particular legal issues and matters, and the laws related to a property vary from one emirate to others. No matter what type of legal issue you are involved in, the help of a lawyer is indispensable. Your real estate and property lawyers must be knowledgeable about the different rules and regulations of UAE. They should be able to help you navigate you through the process – from filing your claim to trial, if necessary.

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