Talk Radio Show – Why Hold Your Own Talk Radio Show?

With the advent of mxl tv comes a brand new medium known as Live Internet Talk Radio. And while it was around for a while prior to Web 2.0, back then it was expensive, lacked the web interfaces to give you production control and required you have or purchase expensive radio studio equipment. Well those days are gone.

Although I will grant you there is more to learn about hosting and/or producing your own live Internet Talk Radio Show and profit from it; if you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can point and click a mouse, you can type (30 WPM is good but not requisite), you can dial a phone number and carry on a conversation, you can host your own Live Internet Talk Radio Show right from the comfort of your home office.

Does Internet Talk Radio Really Work?
Indeed it does and you can listen to it right now. I will be directing you to several places where you can listen to Live Internet Talk Radio Shows instantly. But for now you just need to understand that it works, you can listen to it live, on demand through websites, links and players (Widgets on websites) or as pod casts.

Is Internet Talk Radio Really HOT Right Now!
Actually there are several answers to that question. I will be going into each of the following benefits in detail in a later chapter. But I’ll break down their basics here for you now, so you can get a clearer understanding of the power of having your own Live Internet Talk Radio Show. Here (In no particular order) are the major benefits:

o Gaining Expert Status By Proxy: As a Live Internet Talk Radio Show host, you gain major exposure as an expert yourself in your niche or chosen field by interviewing experts in your niche. Listeners assume you are more knowledgeable about your niche as a result of knowing and talking with people in your niche that are recognized experts. You might say you gain a reputation as an expert by building your reputation as such through your association with your guests or by their proxy.

o FREE – Eliminates Cost As A Deterrent: You can literally start doing your Live Internet Talk Radio Show without spending one red cent. While there are tools you can purchase that will make hosting your show easier and are certainly recommended, they are not an absolutely necessary.

Versus what it used to cost or currently costs to produce a Live Internet Talk Radio Show through some providers or a Terrestrial Talk Radio Show, of which both could cost thousands of dollars, the no cost, low cost ability to produce your own Live Internet Talk Radio Show is a major benefit.

o Promote Your Products And More: Self promote your products, affiliate deals and/or make money from affiliate deals of your expert guests. Coordinate your launch or the launch of a guest expert with your Live Internet Talk Radio Show and generate massive buzz, traffic and profits.

o Also Deliver As MP3/Podcast or Flash Media: You can also deliver your Live Internet Talk Radio Show as a pod cast and build your listening audience. You have the ability to record each one of your shows through your account system.

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